My story

Gianluca Adragna started sailing at the age of 2 with his father, who was a leisure boats passionate.
Gianluca was thus able to learn various secrets in this field and inherited the passion for the sea and boats from him.

In March 1997, when still a student in the University of Genova- Italy, Gianluca Adragna decided to carry out, together with his father and a group of friends, his first project: the design of a small sailboat that could compete in the Gulf of Trieste in Italy.

In May this big dream suddenly starts to become real and the accomplishment of this project is set into motion. Gianluca, together with a group of friends, started to design the frames of the moulding model of the hull using a traditional technique, with the help of lead weights and flexibles: a method he had learned at the “Istituto Nautico” in Trieste, in the Naval Architect section.

A meticulous and careful building job was carried out and after the final set up was done, the boat was finished. A boat that has been a rewarding experience for this group of friends.
“I’ve thought from the beginning that such an experience would be essential, as working personally, the designer can understand better how the used materials react.

This comes in handy when you have to choose among various solutions in the planning stage. I believe that designing a boat goes far beyond the form and the calculus: it also consists of understanding deeply the construction and production problems, so to study and research new solutions that allow us to create innovation. 

During the navigation, it is possible to observe how the various materials behave in the dynamic phase (the most important one), studying and working to find a good compromise and the best solution.”

In the end this sailboat won five times the famous Coppa d’Autunno “BARCOLANA” in its category (98, 99,04,05,06), besides various other regattas in the Gulf of Trieste. Regina di Cuori has been for Gianluca Adragna a real lab where to try out and test new solutions!

Thanks to this experience he had the chance to personally observe the problems in the course of the construction and of navigation, carrying out a continuous work of developing, researching and improving the various details that compose a sailboat.

Following this stream of thoughts and direct experience we create all of our projects from idea to real object.