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We have been working for many years withvaluable clients and renownedboat builders at an international level acquiring an important background
in terms of data and experience in theyacht design field.

The yacht design world has changed in the last 20 years but we do not
forget our Yacht Design approach that follows the old school teaching.
We learned with the old design system where the yacht designer creates
the hull shape by hand with a pencil.


We bring with us this important spirit of traditions that is impressed in our DNA.



Today we are using the most modern CAD technique to develop our projects, this is helpful in a very complex field as yacht design is.

In a world of synthetic modern materials we think that in our projects there must always be a piece of real wood.

This is part of our romantic aproach to yacht design.We are not only style designers but we conceive the yacht project taking in consideration a 360 degree view.




Yacht Design is a complex and ample subject and we believe in our high level approach to the most various tasks.

This because we are firstly sailors and we know the sea field very well.