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The knowledge of the latest technologies allows us to design specifically for favoring the building of the manufacture. Our projects are entirely built in 3D considering every single detail. We can thus use the most sophisticated technology on the market to obtain high precision manufactures and with a safe technological correspondence.

Laser cutting, CNC milling and resin infusion, composite materials and aluminium construction are well known technologies to us.



The strength of this system allows us to offer a complete service and to provide the customer a project that is really studied to the last feature. This allows us to render a high quality service and assist the building phases in the shipyard, starting from the design.

We firmly believe in the progress of technology. This is the reason why our projects are created on the basis of this crucial element.

Mould Engineering

In 2005 AYDS created a patented system to facilitate the job of the shipyard when building molds and plugs for GRP – FRP.

While working with shipyards we understood the need to have a fast and high precision solution of mounting the male or female laser cut molds and plugs.

This was our starting point in order to create a complete high quality package with mounting instructions. It is not the already known laser cutting, it is the system of mounting all frames that makes the difference. This was the spark that started the development of our system and is a big satisfaction to put it to use.

If requested, we are also able to do the molds engineering for our projects.



Adragna Yacht Design Studio offers the possibility to work together with the shipyard to find the best solutions for each project detail. It is our primary interest to assist the client during all the stages, from the very first preliminary design, the trial excursion at sea and, finally, to the first regatta or sea test.

This way, we can guarantee complete control over the product; assuring it will reach its highest quality. Furthermore, we are able to design various customized pieces to personalize each sailboat.  We work in close contact with firms that are specialized in manufacturing composite materials and steels.

Our aim is to fulfill our clients demands from the beginning to the end, and since our Team is composed by highly qualified people from the naval sector, we can guarantee a long-lasting relationship.



  • Esterior Design
  • Interior Design
  • Design of customized parts according with owner requests
  • Design for refittings of existing vessel
  • Support services for feasibility study concerning existing designs and projects
  • Study on practicability and cost analysis
  • Technical analysis for projects designed by the customer’s competitors.
  • Advise in the selection of shipyards all around the world for boat and yacht construction
  • Supervision of the construction concerning boats and yachts
  • Hydrodynamic analysis for new or existing hulls in order to improve their performances
  • Renderings
  • Weights and Center of gravity estimation
  • Resistance estimation
  • Range calculation
  • Speed vs power forecast according to various propulsion systems
  • Technical Specification


  • Esterior Design
  • Interior Design
  • Design of customized parts according with owner requests
  • Design for refittings of existing vessel
  • Preliminary study of the sailing boat project
  • Study on practicability and cost analysis
  • Study of the engineering of the sailing boat
  • Verification on new constructions
  • New keel design
  • Survey of existing sailing boats and reconstruction of the sailing boat plans
  • Modifications of existing sailing boats
  • Weights and Center of gravity estimation
  • Modification of the sailing plan
  • Modification of rudder and fin
  • Modification of the deck plan
  • Modification of existing hulls
  • Study of custom pieces