Gianluca Adragna stepped on a boat for the first time at 2 years old; his father was an enthusiastic sailor and he transmitted his passion for the sea to him.

Born in Trieste-Italy, Gianluca received his diploma in Naval Design at the Nautical Institute “Tommaso di Savoia duca di Genova” in Trieste. He presented a short dissertation on a 27’ “Half Toner” sailboat project.

He attended the “Yacht and Small Craft Design” course at the Southampton Institute of Higher Education for two years, then the University of Genova. He graduated, presenting his thesis “Project of a High Speed Craft of 22m”, developing a numerical calculations analysis for performance prediction, structures and weight, becoming Yacht Designer.

Gianluca worked in the “Cosnav Engineering” naval studio, specializing in the design of chemical and gas tankers in addition to working with building projects concerning propeller shaft struts and anti rolling wings for ferries, built by Fincantieri Italy.

In 1997 he designed and built his first project, , the “Regina di Cuori”, winner in its category of the ‘Coppa d’Autunno – Barcolana” in 1998, 1999, 2004,2005,2006 and Fincantieri Trophy. He was nominated the youngest designer to receive an award at the “Barcolana” from the Italian Navy later in 1999. Barcolana is one of the biggest regatta in the World.

In 2005 he did a patent to accelerate the Laser Cutted Mould construction process for boat production. He engineered more then 50 moulds for production.

Gianluca founded in 1997 the Adragna Yacht Design firm. The AYDS Studio develops the design and the engineering for every project to have the total control on the project.

He designed several projects , motor yachts, sailing boats and special defence powerboats starting from a white sheet of paper, using imagination, experience, naval art and a great passion.

Great experience also in production where he followed the complete building boat process of every project produced.

At the moment Gianluca is working in the international market with important shipyards and estimated partners.